September 24th, 2012


Ficage In August.

So, it’s the 24th and I haven’t done this yet. It’s seems to be later and later each month. Oh well. Last month I wrote a lot of words but didn’t ‘complete’ very much. In fact, the only reason I even completed the one Leverage fic is because I cut it short. It was meant to be hand-jobs in a stairwell but they got to the kissing and they were all...Feelings & Emotions! I, of course, was all….No, Hand-Jobs, I say! They did not listen and on reread, I realized I had reached the end of the fic. So, no hand-jobs but yay one completed story! I also started my first ever NC-17 Without A Trace fic! I can’t believe, with how obsessive I was about the Danny/Martin pairing, that I never wrote any porn before.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

August, 2012
Week 1/2: 500 words of Leverage fic.
Week One: 600 words of Secret Crossover fic.
Week Two: 2,350 words of Spiderman and His Amazing Friends fic.
Week Three: 900 words of Eliot/Hardison fic. Completed.
Week Four: 1,500 words of Danny/Martin PWP fic.

5,850 words written in August!

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You may recall how I made a goal for myself halfway through last month to 'write 9,0000 words/complete four fics' by the end of September. After I set that goal, all I worked on was the Eliot/Hardison fic and the Danny/Martin fic - neither of which were on the list! I can say that I have done much better this month and have completed several of the stories and am going to surpass the '6 weeks/9,000 words' goal. Hell, at this rate I may surpass 9,000 words in the month of September alone. Also, I have an idea for a Teen Wolf/SPN story and I am ashamed of myself, but I can feel the urge to write it overcoming me. Don’t point your finger at me wolfrider89 - I know what I have become!