October 2nd, 2012


Kids Are Exhausting.

First of all - THE TIGERS HAVE MADE IT INTO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! They took the Central Division which means they will now be heading into the American League playoffs for a spot in the World Series. Also Miguel is on his way to taking a triple crown - that’s leading the league in batting average, home runs, and RBIs - which no one has done since 1967! LET'S ALL DANCE AROUND FOR A MINUTE! I almost feel bad for the White Soxs - they held onto first place for pretty much the entire season, only to lose it in the last week and a half. I tip my hat to them on giving us a hard earned run for our money.

In H5-O news - I just noticed that the actress who plays Catherine has been added to the opening credits! This makes me happy.

In RL news - I meant to post last night but I ended up having a house full of kids until almost 10pm. My cousin, the one who lives around the corner from us, is moving to a new house. She will only be a few miles away now, but it will still be weird to not have her right around the corner. No more stopping by on her way from work or walking her dogs past our house every day. Anyways, a bunch of family came to help her move and they dropped their kids off for me to babysit while they did. At first it was just suppose to be the two boys but then The Guy Cousin decided to bring his daughter by. When he showed up, he said his son was suppose to help with the move but he had homework to do instead. So I had a 12yr old, two 8yr olds and 6yr old for four hours last night. I keep thinking about that family at the church I went to when I was younger and had like 13 kids and wondering what the hell they were thinking. I was literally sweating by the time I was done - like actual sweat coming off me. It went better than I expected though, mostly because they all had each other for entertainment, which made it less exhausting than when I have The Nephew one-on-one and he wants my attention the whole time. They were all fairly well-behaved too, though riled up to see each other. I had to proofread the 12yr old's creative writing story and Idk what that boy's mother is letting him watch but that kid wrote a pretty dark story, I gotta say. I also felt kind of useless teaching him sentence structure when his spelling was so atrocious.

Then the 8yr old boy sees our political signs in the yard and decides to comment on them, because he apparently can’t believe I am voting for Obama.

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