October 12th, 2012


Risin' Up To The Challenge Of Our Rival.

Yep, I went with 'Eye of the Tiger' lyrics this time. A mini wrap-up on the 162 game season and then some.

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And after the division series against Oakland…THE TIGERS HAVE MOVED ONTO THE ALCS!!!!

I would like to take a moment to tip my hat to Oakland. They had an amazing year, and though I am beyond thrilled for the Tigers to have made it through to the next level, I did think last night, “If we have to go down, best it be to the Athletics." These guys were 13 games behind on June 30 and they came back. They were 5 games out from the division lead with only 9 games left to play and they fucking took it. Veterans getting injured, rookies taking the lead, all season long for these guys...and they nailed it. Then just as the A’s were securing their spot in the playoffs, one of their pitchers, Pat Neshek, suffered the personal loss of his newborn son. He and his wife came home to the support of their team and Neshek helped pitch in the first game of the series. The A's honored his son by wearing patches on their uniforms with the baby's initials. I can't even say how that felt to watch him on the mound. Overall, it was hard to root against such an amazing team and I salute them.

Oakland, we'll see you again in next year's playoff season, I am sure of it.

And now...The standing rule of the American League - “As long as it’s not the Yankees.”