October 17th, 2012


Lovers. In Space.

I swear, I very rarely ever vote in these types of polls and I especially hate the ones where you can vote as many times as you want because it just stacks things unfairly in favor of the, er, uh, let's say 'really dedicated' fandoms. But vikingprincess pimped it out, so I headed over to het_reccers to check out their shipping poll, just to take a look. And now...I can't stop checking the stats! I have voted in every round since! But you guys, there is something bizarre happening in the universe, because Leia/Han are losing. I can't even with that.

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Dammit, vikingprincess, look what you have done to me! I JUST CAN'T EVEN THAT LEIA/HAN & ZOE/WASH ARE LOSING! Thank goodness for dedicated X-Files fans or I would be having a triple meltdown right now. Vote here!

In TV news - American Horror Story starts back up tonight! The thing is, my Tivo wasn’t picking it up despite people insisting it was coming back this week. Turns out, they are calling it “American Horror Story: Asylum”, so if you have it programmed into your DVR from last year, it may not be recognizing this new season. Check your DVRs and shit, people! Also, Ian McShane will be in this season and I heard he will be an adversary to Jessica Lange and that…that just sounds like the best thing ever.