October 18th, 2012


Turn The Room On With His Smile.

So one of my cousins just moved into a new house, as you may remember, and she is not sure if she wants to get cable or not. In the meantime, we have loaned her some movies - (she took Center Stage which she has apparently seen before and is a big fan of! Who knew there was another dance-geek in the family?) - and a whole slew of TV shows. She started with Sliders and moved through it in a week, putting it on while she puttered around getting her house in order. She also took Millennium but decided to hold off on that as she wants something light-hearted to have on while she is doing house-things right now. When she came over this weekend, we also gave her Hustle, Leverage, and 21 Jump Street. She reported back today that she absolutely LOVES ‘Hustle’. As one should.

Me: Well, it is awesome.
Sis: It’s almost like you would enjoy them taking your money.
Me: It’s like if Mickey Bricks just smiles at you, you would gladly give him everything you have.
Then we both made inappropriate noises over Mickey Bricks. I really need to get series two & three of that show.

In SPN news, my sister and I had this conversation during the first five minutes of the season premiere, while Dean was walking down the road…

Me: Wow. Nobody can wear a pair of pants quite like Dean.
Sis: Way to wear those pants, Dean!
We know why we watch the show, dammit!

Yeah, alright, I really just made this post to use my Danny Blue icon and to make you all think about Mickey Bricks and his awesome smile. I did watch a creepy movie with that actor, Adrian Lester, this week - (looking stellar as usual) - and though it starts out kind of slow, it got increasingly nerve-wracking as it went. Case 39 - which is about a demon-child and is less ‘make you jump’-scary and more just screaming at the TV, “Omg, kill her! Burn her! Just quick, kill her!” A good movie if you can handle watching Renee Zellweger. It also has Ian McShane as a cop and the girl playing the demon-child was also the girl from the SPN episode Provenance, which that little girl was one of only like two things in SPN that ever freaked me out. Hey, look, I tied Hustle and SPN together in this post quite nicely.

That is all.