October 25th, 2012


Three Completely Random Non-Related Things.

It was 77 degrees outside today. And sunny and beautiful. I had the house all opened up and I could smell the leaves. The whole yard is full of them. Even though it was warmer than it usually is this time of year, it still felt like fall. It just smelled so good and it was kind of awesome.

Anyways, after spending the last month or so convincing everyone and their brother to watch American Horror Story, I have to give it up, at least for this season. Collapse )

In fandom news, the het_reccers poll is in its final round. Scully/Mulder vs Natasha/Clint. I'll say it again - I love Natasha/Clint. By how can the OTP of my generation be bested by the new kids on the block?! It looks like they are going to be though because Natasha/Clint are kicking Scully/Mulder's ass right now. It's so messed up. It seems like when I first got into fandom, I kept meeting new people and discovering they started out in The X-Files. I always knew it was a big fandom that got a lot of people their start - (it was a few years too early for me to afford a computer) - but at any rate, I was surprised by the sheer number of X-Files fans in fandom. And yet, somehow, Scully/Mulder are being stomped. THIS WILL NOT STAND! Vote here!.

That is all.