October 27th, 2012

boys being boys

Let’s Make Some Noise!

The World Series is in Detroit today! We do best playing at home and we really need the win. But that’s not my point. My point is, I hate the fucking announcers. I just want Rod & Mario (the guys who announce the games for Fox Sports Detroit). At San Fransisco, the one announcer for the Series says some bullshit about how loud and revved up the SF crowd is and then he says, “I have never heard a crowd like that before. Of all the teams, San Francisco has the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever seen.” Bitch, listen, clearly you have never been to a game in Detroit. 3 million+ fans attended the games this year in Detroit and we are loud mother-fuckers. Yes, San Francisco has very enthusiastic fans who like to dress in costumes and dye their hair orange - (it does kind of look like a sci-fi convention or a punk rock concert out there with the outfits and stuff) - I’ll give them that. But don’t say they make the most noise of any crowd, until you’ve heard Detroit rise to its feet, okay? It got me all bristled up. So I really hope the crowd tonight in Detroit makes those announcers go deaf with it. Make some noise in the D!

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So what this dream shows us about my inner state of mind is…a) It’s baseball season in October! and b) I fell asleep watching Law & Order: SVU and c) all my sister does is lament how Psych is not coming back until February!

Look, USA Network, when you pushed Psych from a summer show last year to the fall, you told us all the summer was a better place to premiere a new show (curse you Suits!) and that Psych fans were loyal and would follow it anywhere. This is true and we did. But now you’ve pushed it this year from the fall until February and this will not stand! Yes, we are a loyal bunch but lest you forget, Psych fans are also the people that put USA Network’s original programming on the map in the first place. All these other shows you are pushing Psych aside for now? You wouldn’t even have them without the awesome stylings of Shawn & Co to begin with! (Monk fans too, but that’s not my point right now).

Go screw yourselves, USA Network, you’ve made my sister sad.