November 4th, 2012

the west wing

Because Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Lyman Say So. That's Why.

Election Day is almost here! This means that the phone will finally stop ringing ten times a day. It'll go back to like the normal two or three calls I get from my mother every day.

So get ready to vote...or Samuel L. Jackson will break into your house and yell at you! Seriously, how is this man so badass?

Also, don't forget to vote in the non-partisan section of your ballot. I just get really excited when The West Wing peeps say the word 'Michigan', okay? And I totally got goosebumps when President Bartlet said, "What's next?" /sigh/ This show still owns me. Also, I think Toby has gotten sexier. The grey beard really works for me.

Last night I watched Eurotrip, the movie. Has anyone seen this? Michelle Trachtenberg is so freaking adorable, I want to squish her. I think Travis Wester's character was my favorite though. It was a fun movie - zany but heartfelt. Also, Matt Damon plays a punk rocker with earrings, a lip ring, a neck tattoo, a band and a pretty catchy song. It was a hilarious cameo.