November 5th, 2012

tww guys

Because Joss Whedon and Mr. Burns Say So. That's Why.

I just gave up with the phone today. I stopped even standing up when I heard it ring. I just keep saying, "It's almost over." I can't believe I want my TV to go back to showing all those commercials for feminine products, just so I don't have to see anymore Prop #whatever ads.

Anyways - I was taken aback at first when I saw the header on this video, but Joss only wants Romney for president so we can all have a zombie apocalypse. I do really want a zombie apocalypse, that is true. Also, I heart you, Joss Whedon.

And well, are any of us surprised Mr. Burns backs Romney? I have to say, if I were this dog, I think I would be freaked out by the creepy guys in masks offering me any kind of food.

In other news, I watched a House marathon last night and I caught Ron Livingston's episode, which I've already seen, but it was still cool to see again. I think, besides his adorable face, that I just really like Ron's voice.