November 7th, 2012


Victory Dance!

OBAMA WON! Like you all don't know by now, but still...WHOOT-WHOOT! AWESOME. I was getting a little nervous last night, I have to be honest. I was thinking about if Romney/Ryan won and made some cuts to government services for people. Which then of course led me to the thought of 'What if my mother has to move in with us?' It's a nightmare I have often actually. But we won!!!! Now I can rest easy and also, no more robocalls! Today was the first time in a month that I woke to find the answering machine light not blinking.

I think we should all celebrate like Obama’s Anger Translator and DANCE!!!!!

Check out some of the other ones, like Key & Peele: Obama on Halo 4. These dudes are hysterical.

My sister also sent me this little snippet from an article about negative politics awhile back and it made me laugh. Craig Ferguson ended up talking about this on his show the other night and I thought I’d dig it back out for you all. Politics has always been a cut throat business, hasn’t it?

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And for those of you outside of Michigan who watched that hysterical West Wing video, I thought I would let you know that Bridget Mary McCormack won her seat on the bench. And now I don’t have to think about politics again for at least a year, right?