November 13th, 2012


Celebrations & Chimpanzees!

I am caught up on LJ comments, you people! 100% for the first time in Idek how long. It’s a miracle!! (I always feel compelled to say ‘mirable’ because of way too much time spent watching The Rugrats). Last week I hunkered down and cleaned out my personal email inbox too; saved all the links I wanted, downloaded all the pictures people had sent me - (had some in there from Christmas 2010!) - and replied to things I needed to reply to - (seem to have gotten an onslaught of personal friends and family emails in the last month). Then I caught up on all my LJ comments as well. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED!!

I also have written about 4,000 words so far this month, which is awesome, since the month is only half over with. I wrote some stuff on The BFF’s fic yesterday that was very exciting. Ever have that feeling that a story is kind of dragging and you don’t know why and then you suddenly realize exactly what it needs to get going again? Yeah, I had a scene like that the other day. It wasn’t in my initial plan but it has really upped the tension. It’s all very exciting!

I would now like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my Flisties who are having birthdays this week - four of you, damn! Happy birthday to saddle_tramp, fragrantwoods, phamalama and angelcords!!! Hope they are/were great ones, darlings!

For your birthdays, (and for everyone else), I will now make you all well up with tears. My sis and I watched this movie this weekend, Chimpanzee. It is shot like a documentary, but narrated by Tim Allen and very family-friendly in its presentation. There are some tension-filled moments, as well as sad moments but I promise you, if you watch it, there will be a happy ending. It was amazing and I don’t exaggerate.

Oscar is too fucking cute.

Even the trailer gave me goosebumps. It doesn't help that they used Switchfoot's Narnia song either - always gets me.

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Go watch this movie and be filled with hope and love and tears!