November 16th, 2012


Polls! Not Poles! Polls!

So I voted on the People’s Choice Awards for the first time in my life. Walking Dead FTW!! I really just went over there to browse, but I ended up voting in a few categories. Walking Dead was up under Sci-Fi and Cable Drama, so I voted there. If Justified had been up for a cable drama, I might have had to go that route, but it wasn’t, so…TWD FTW!!! But what I really want to talk about is the movie ‘on-screen chemistry’ category. It was about chemistry and I was hoping there might be some same-sex options in there - (I friend-ship the hell out of Tony-Bruce, but I couldn’t really think of any others from recent movies that I wanted to see in there). The nominations made it clear that it wasn’t just romantic options, because Jeremy/Scarlett were on the list - (they did have amazing chemistry together, didn’t they?). Even without RDjr-Ruffalo, I say that the People’s Choice Awards get kudos for progressiveness...because there was a Threesome option!!! Remember while I was reading the Hunger Games and I was like, “Omg, Gale/Katniss!” and then after the movie I was all, “Omg, Peeta/Katniss!” and then I was like, “What do I do? Oh right, OT3!” and then I freaked out at therapy in front of that old lady? Yeah - Jennifer/Josh/Liam - OT3 FTW!! I totally voted for them. It actually doesn’t seem quite right though, because I don’t think Josh and Liam had any screen time together - (did they?). They just didn’t want to divide up the ‘ships - (like me, someone at the PCAs couldn’t pick either!) - and anyways, I support threesomes! I was kind of bummed to see Community didn’t get a nomination though. Anyhoo, now I guess I have to pay attention to the winners. Though I am still not watching the actual awards show.

And now…fic! I have no Thanksgiving story this year - (I did like one year and that is it) - but this year I have written in several new fandoms. I have three stories ready to go and I thought I would post one on like Monday. Now I just can’t decide which one to go with. So I am just going to put up a bit from each fic without telling you what new fandom of mine it is in and then let you pick which one grabs your interest more. Mostly this is just a more fun way for me to decide, rather than doing eeny-meeny-miny-mo.

Poll #1879269 Fic Options

Which Fic Should I Post Next?

“I am no one’s damn teddy bear,” he told her and then grabbed her by the ankles and yanked as hard as he could.
“I don’t believe you have any hands right now, son.”
“They’ll come for her family. They’ll kill them. They’ll kill them.”

Finally, Jeremy Renner is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend! Tivo is set to go!