November 20th, 2012


Dean/Cas Big Bang Rec!

Title: Dark Enough (To See The Stars)
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel pre-slash
Word count: 24,500
Warnings: graphic descriptions of alcoholism recovery
Spoilers: 5.22
Summary: AU after Swan Song. After having exhausted every possibility he can think of in an effort to rescue Sam from hell, Dean loses himself in sex and alcohol. Then one of his one night stands calls him up and tells him she's pregnant. Suddenly, his mission in life is to convince her to let him have the kid. Meanwhile, Castiel is fighting his way through hell in order to get to Sam, and the only thing keeping him going is the sound of Dean's prayers in his head. That is, until they stop.

Rec: I got the distinct pleasure of watching this story unfold. wolfrider89 had been telling me for a long time about how she wanted to write a fic where Dean gets a girl pregnant and ends up raising the baby himself. Which sounds lovely and sweet, because who doesn’t love some domesticated!Dean fic?

But this story? Turned out to be so much more than just fic about Dean as a dad. It is about a bigger struggle for Dean to change who he is, to fight back in a way that is different from any way he has had to fight before, to going from being a good man to being a better man. I adore the way Castiel's fight and struggle mirrors Dean's own internal one and while some of it will break your heart so hard, it’ll piece back together again, I promise.

The best extra bonus out of all the extra bonuses? Castiel and Sam’s bond throughout this fic. My only warning is that if you are a recovering alcoholic, tread lightly. She doesn’t downplay Dean’s cravings at all.

Go read this now.