November 27th, 2012

independence day

Wolverines! Wolverines!

I think I manage to keep it pretty spoiler-free here, but I’ll go under a cut just in case you don’t want even the tiniest bit about the movie upfront.

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We also watched a movie that ceitfianna brought with her called ‘Stardust’. It was based off a Neil Gaiman book and it was really quite good. It was a twisty-turny fairy tale type thing and it had some amazing actors in it. I rather liked the surprise of Ricky Gervais, but my favorite was De Niro as the pirate captain. I actually kind of want some fic about him now, just fun adventurey pirate stuff. All the brother-princes were great, Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing as the head witch, and Claire Danes was both sweet and gorgeous as the fallen star. The whole concept of a falling star hitting earth and being shocked into human form was very cool. The humor was very fun as well and it had a look to it that almost felt like book illustrations. Just a good fairy tale adventure story and I highly recommend it.

Now, who was it on my friends list that wrote Stardust into a J2? Because I didn’t know this movie when you wrote it, but about 15 minutes into the show I thought to myself, “Oh! This is the movie that J2 was based off of!”

I saw both those movies in the same day and it combined that night with me dreaming about the kids from Red Dawn fighting off an invasion…of witches. Though I seem to recall that at least some of the witches were from Shrek as well because I’d been watching that a bit the day before. That’s just how my subconscious rolls.