November 29th, 2012


Ficage In October.

Here, let's get this in before the next month starts. You guys, Idek...I started writing a Teen Wolf AU wherein Stiles is eleven and goes into foster care and it is so clichéd that it hurts a little in my chest and yet, it is beautiful. I have fallen into the Teen Wolf pit - who's surprised? Also, NEW WORD COUNT RECORD! Since I started keeping track at the beginning of this year, the highest I had gone was 8,800 words in a month. Last month I almost doubled that! It was that Halloween story - it just came pouring out of me like crazy awesome. That fic ended up being the second longest piece of fanfic I have ever written and I pulled it off in three weeks. I am still kind of startled by that, when I think about it. Of course, now that I know I can write that much in a month, I am going to have to up my word goals for next year.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

October, 2012
Week One: 600 words of Teen Wolf AU fic.
Week Two: 1,200 words of Secret Crossover fic.
Week Three: 150 words of Lindsey & Cas fic.
3,100 words of Avengers Halloween fic.
Week Four: 6,100 words of Avengers Halloween fic.
Week Four and a Half: 4,200 words of Avengers Halloween fic. Completed. (already posted!)

15,350 words written in October!!!

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This month my bizarre writing choice was to start an AU based off a Hawaii Five-0 episode wherein I decided to kill Danny, make Steve have serious angst issues over this and turn Gracie into an angry-goth-teenager. Idek. Mostly I am just trying to finish The BFF's fic in time for Christmas. I have written a ton more on it, broke through the latest plot hurdle, did a bunch of rewrites and even added a new character. It's just that I had forgotten how long it takes to write action scenes and I feel rather unaccomplished just because I haven't reached the next section yet. I have three weeks. I can do this. Right?