December 2nd, 2012


A Little Bit Venty, A Little Bit Awesome-Roll.

My sister went to Chicago this weekend to visit with hiyacynth and Munchy P. That kid is growing so damn fast - he looks like a whole little man-person now.

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In much better news, The BFF came down for the weekend and we got to finally watch Step Up Revolution. As far as the Step Up movies go, story-wise I think it may have been the worst. Though Eddie was a total hottie - The BFF pointed out how he looked like a cross between Josh Hutcherson and Scott Caan, so you see my attraction. But the dancing was the BEST of all the movies by far. The end scene alone was mind-blowing, plus they took a time-out for some nice contemporary dancing that was refreshing in the face of all the club dancing. Then we watched some first season SPN - Asylum and Scarecrow. It was like a cleansing for my soul. Seriously, I feel revitalized after some S1 SPN. Dean was fucking shining and Sam was so wee (yes, at 6’4) and everything is wonderful and beautiful in first season. I long for such a simple time again.

How were your weekends?