December 3rd, 2012


One, Two, Three.

One - My dad is having another surgery tomorrow on his leg. Last time I was uber-worried but I am a little more optimistic this time around. Still, in his health, it’s always a risk. Not the least of which because he hasn’t been taking care of himself the last month or so. They let him go home in between surgeries for some reason. This means that he hasn’t been following the diet they gave him - (on which he lost 50lbs!) - or taking his medicines properly - (he told me he lost track, while some of them he just didn’t want to take). My dad puts on a good show for people, so I don’t think they realize how little he actually takes care of himself. Tomorrow will tell, I suppose.

Two - In other surgery news, The Nephew had one the week of Thanksgiving. If you remember, he broke his arm last year. After they took the cast off, he had a cyst of fluid build-up, which the doctor said is not uncommon after wearing a cast. It wasn’t hurting him, so they decided to leave it. But I think The Nephew was always self-conscious of it and recently he told his dad that it was hurting him. Idk if it really was or if he was just self-conscious - (this came about right after school started back up) - but it was an outpatient procedure, so his parents decided to do it anyway. Thankfully, it all went fine. I called him the next day when he had the good pain meds and this conversation occurred.

Brother: Tell her what you are wearing at 3 in the afternoon.
The Nephew: My pajamas!
Me: What? Who are you…me?
TN: I know!
Me: Are you going to wear them to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow?
Me: You don’t think Mommy would let you get away with that?
Me: That’s too bad because I wanted to wear my pajamas to dinner at Grandma’s house tomorrow. I was just going to tell her that you were doing it, so I should get to do it too.
TN: OKAY! That’s a plan! Let’s do it!

I love that kid.

Three - The Walking Dead midseason finale…Collapse ) This fucking show, man. I can’t believe we have to wait until February for more.