December 12th, 2012


I Am Accomplished!

I HAVE FINISHED THE BFF’S FIC!!! I honestly can’t believe it. 25,548 words. Can you imagine there was a time when I thought this thing was going to be 6,000 words long? And then every 4,000 words or so after that, I would say, “Oh, it just needs another 4,000 more words.” Yeah, I said that 5 more times before I hit the end. Man, when I say I have no concept of how long something is going to be when I sit down to write it, I mean it. 70 pages long! It’s the longest fan-fiction I have ever written. It’s about 8,000 more words than what was my previous longest fan-fic ever, which was 17,000+.

Now I have reached the point where I am unsure if it is actually any good or not though, because I’ve been working on it since May. May! Still, I like it myself, so hopefully she will too. I thought maybe the front half was action-lite but then I thought, isn’t it true that in like, say a movie, you get way more action in the second half than you do in the first half? Right?

Anyways, soon enough I will be able to reveal to you all what the crossovers are in this secret story. The BFF gets it on like the Saturday before Christmas and then after that I can tell you all about it. Given my crazy Christmas/New Years schedule, it probably won’t get posted until January anyway but still, I’ve been calling it the ‘Secret Crossover’ for so long, I thought you might be curious.

At 25,500 words, this is like Big Bang length. Which makes me think I should do some art for it. At least like a cover page. I make cover pages for The Nephew’s fics and they are usually only like 3,000 words, so I think a 25,000 word fic should get one too.

What I really need now is a beta reader. Anybody up for it? You know, the usual; typos, tense changes, tell me whether or not I need to add anything. I don’t expect any major issues with it but like I said, after nearly seven months of this thing, I can’t see straight. I’d give you (virtual) hugs. And my (real life) unending gratitude. Anyone? /puppy eyes/

Alright, off to bed now. Chicago Fire time! Gotta watch my sexy firemen/paramedics save people and flirt with each other.