December 16th, 2012


To Dungeons Deep And Caverns Old.

I'm finally getting a chance to stop in and tell you how fucking awesome The Hobbit was and how just the opening bits of the Shire score brought tears to my eyes with a long ago love that warms my heart. Also the Ring score. And also the shot of the Shire, all green and lush and calling me home. /sigh/

For those of you that have not seen it yet - as I know a few who are waiting to see it with family over the holidays - if you want to know where the first movie ends off, (as I kind of wanted to know going in), let me tell you...Collapse )

And now, my completely spoilery thoughts for those of you who have seen it already. Collapse )

Re-reading the book has reminded me of how much I friend-ship the hell out of Balin and Bilbo and if any fic comes out of The Hobbit from me, I dare say it’ll be Balin and Bilbo friend-shipping fic. Though, post-movie, I am not opposed to some Fili/Kili/Bilbo fic. Yes, I said that! Mostly, just seeing Elrond again made me desperately need some good ol’ fashioned Elrond/Glorfindel - (I know, Glorfindel wasn’t even in the movie!). Or maybe some good Erestor fic - (I know, he has like what, one line in the Lord of the Rings books and yet somehow fandom made him awesome and I love him forever!).

/clears throat/ Anyhoo, yeah, so you all get on that Fili/Kili slash for me now, thanks.