December 20th, 2012

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Christmas Cookie Cats.

To start the story, let me say how famous my grandma’s spritz cookies are in/around my family. She would make them by the ton when we were kids - some for her friends, neighbors and for family events. Little brown camels and frosted trees and poinsettias with green and red sprinkles on them. They are a delicious butter cookie that you can eat in two bites. My grandma also made the best sugar cookies ever, so thin and crisp and dusted with sugar - my favorite cookie of all time, Grandma’s sugar cookies. And ask anyone who knows me how much I can’t stand peanut butter; the taste, the texture, the smell, ugh - but my grandma made the best peanut butter cookies and I loved them. She had a talent.

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My grandma’s spritz cookies - back by popular demand from family, friends, neighbors and kitties alike!

Also, it seems since I ventured to ask my mom if she was going to make her awesome Christmas sugar cookies this year, that I have somehow gotten roped into going over to her house this weekend to help decorate them. I think she forgets how extravagant I get with my decorating. My Christmas trees always look like those hideous ones from a Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Oh well, she’ll get what she pays for!