December 21st, 2012

independence day

Happy Apocalypse Day!

So my favorite apocalyptic-type movie (of many that I love) has to be Independence Day. Though Deep Impact holds a really close second for me. Those are two of my top three most watched movies of all time - (the third is Jurassic Park, if you wanted to know).

How about you all…favorite apocalypse/post-apocalypse/near-apocalypse movie?

Also, the other day I was flipping the channel and I came across a movie called ‘Christmas Twister’. You guys, it combined my two favorite types of movies in one - bad natural disaster flicks and Christmas movies! Yes, I watched it. Yes, it was awesomely clichéd, right down to the family dog.

And now, in the spirit of the holiday, an apocalypse vid. I went looking for an apocalypse movie fanvid, but then I found this. All the things I love, I’m not even kidding! Even Jericho! Plus, excellent song choice - it’s very catchy and will get stuck in your head.

Watch now and enjoy the apocalypse!

Remember, we all meet up in Boulder, Colorado at the end times.