December 22nd, 2012


Grifters, No More.

Leverage has been canceled.

I am so sad right now, you guys. I just started watching this show in the last year. And writing fanfic for it as well. It’s my new fandom and now the show is over. I bottomed out so fast when I heard the news. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep for hours. Instead I have to go my mom’s and fake holiday cheer and decorate cookies. Ugh.

The Sister & BFF tried to reassure me that the cast will all get work somewhere - and they will, I’m sure too - but they won’t all be together. I had heard rumors that this might happen and I know the show-runners were preparing for it by making this season finale be something that they could go out on, but I still didn’t think it would happen. I thought it would be on for 12 seasons like Monk or something and that it would probably reach Psych levels of just being bounced around and placed in any slot they had available when they needed a filler - but I didn’t think it would end.

I have to call my cousin tonight and tell her the bad news. If you recall, she was without TV for a few weeks recently after she moved and she borrowed a bunch of DVDs, one of which was Leverage. She never said anything to me about it and I was a little worried that she didn’t like it. I had been sort of embarrassed to loan it to her because, let’s face it, Leverage can be kind of stupid and I thought she might roll her eyes at it. She came over a week ago and I finally asked her. Oh, she’d loved it! She’d watched the first two seasons and had been frantically searching for 3 & 4. So I loaned her 3 & 4 as well. She was so happy. She’d caught part of a season 5 on TV and wanted to know what was going on with Parker & Hardison. A week later, she’d watched all of seasons 3 & 4 - in a week! I was so ecstatic to have someone to talk about Leverage with in my RL! ! Not to mention we haven’t had a show in common since we both quit Criminal Minds and Bones.

Now I have to go make cookies, but I just needed to vent this all out first. Leverage will always live on in my heart. You stupid, silly show - I love you.