December 24th, 2012

holiday 2

A Hallmark Christmas.

Firstly, more cats vs. the cookies. The following night from my last cat post, we had a bag of cookies set out for a cousin who has been rather ill the past few months and couldn’t come to our family gathering. My sister was going to pay her a visit the next day. In the night, the cats - (I’m thinking it was Kirk, but he may have just been the ringleader in a group) - tried to eat the cookies. Through the plastic bag. They chewed holes all over it and smashed the cookies all up. When my sister picked up the bag, the cookies literally crumbled. It was like when a vamp gets staked on Buffy, only instead of ash, it was sugary cookie powder. Sometimes my sister must feel like McCoy to that James T. Kirk.

In happy holiday news, I remembered some lovely stories from last Christmas that made smile, so I will now share.

I read this article about adoption at the holiday season. Like the week before Christmas, the Family Courts in Michigan’s capital have this marathon day of approving adoptions in time for the holidays. Last year was their 25th year of doing this and the judge who started it all said he wanted to do something good for the holidays, go home for the holidays with joy not the usual sadness that his courtroom sees. The one that stuck out to me was a 17 year old girl who had been in foster care since she was five and was about to age out of the system. All I can think is this year that girl, who is 18 now, has a place to call home this holiday season. Also, there was a baby who was being adopted by the same people that had adopted his older brother several years ago. Brothers who may have never known each other with parents who always wanted them. Can you imagine the joy around their tree this year?

The other cool thing I recall from last year was about a local branch of Kmart stores that had a mysterious man come in off the street dressed as Santa and pay off $500 dollars in layaway fees on Christmas gifts, where the purchaser had missed a payment and the item was about to be put back on the shelf. One lucky clerk got to call all these people and tell them that Santa Claus had saved their items and they could come in and pick them up anytime they wanted. Shortly thereafter, another man came in to another nearby Kmart store and did the same thing there.

It’s all very heart-warming, even if I feel there must be a Hallmark Channel movie in there somewhere.

Lastly, I just read this article about a man who wanted to give back by helping a family who was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Be fore-warned, this article made me cry. It’s a beautiful story and gives me hope in humanity. I have to ruin it though by thinking how, if only the woman had been a single mom, they could have fallen in love and sold the movie rights.

Just some little heart-warming holiday stories for you all.