December 26th, 2012

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Christmas Cheer!

Here is our Christmas tree from this year, with all the presents under it. This was right before our Fangirl Christmas (myself, my sis and The BFF) and us tearing into our gifts. The picture came out a little fuzzy, probably from the lights. Though you can see our cool art that our awesome great-aunt bought us as house-warming gifts on the wall in the background.

Guess how many of those gifts under that tree are for The Nephew?
Christmas Tree 2012-sideways

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The Nephew came home with us after Christmas dinner and he is here until Friday. The plan is to take him to see The Hobbit this evening, if this snow slows down. For a minute there it was like a white-out and it is still coming down. I hope we can make it to the movie - my sister bought The Nephew a hobbit costume, with a light-up Sting sword and he is really excited to wear it to the movie. He even wore it to breakfast with my mom this morning. With this weather though, I am starting to think this might be a repeat of February, 2011, wherein The Nephew came to spend the night and got stranded here for days because of the snow. We’ll see.

Alright, off now to relieve The BFF from Nephew-duty. Hope all your Christmases were lovely!