December 29th, 2012


Ficage In November.

So my word count for November was excellent. It seems after that whole ‘15,000 words in one month’ thing, that I’m suddenly breaking 10k again. I guess this means I will have to up my word count goals come 2013. I think the craziest thing I worked on in November was not the Hawaii Five-O fic wherein Steve is an angsty recluse and Grace is a faux-goth punk teenager (which actually was kind of fun to work on and I hope to go back to it, I liked writing Grace a lot)…but in fact, the strangest thing that happened writing-wise in November was that I wrote J2. I kind of thought I was mostly over that pairing and yet, I wrote two J2 fics last month. And they were for a fic meme, which I have only ever participated in one before, but this one was so inspiring, I couldn’t resist.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

November, 2012
Week 1/2: 2,150 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.
Week One: 750 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.
Week Two: 1,450 words of Secret Crossover fic.
600 words of Hawaii Five-0 Grace fic.
Week Three: 800 words of J2 Schmoop fic. Completed.
1,500 words of Jensen fic. Completed.
600 words of Dean/Cas PWP.
Week Four: 4,000 words of Secret Crossover Fic.

11,850 words written in November!

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The best thing that has happened in December, writing-wise, is that I finished The BFF’s fic! My plan is to post it during like the second week of January. Since I finished that story, I have just been writing a bit here and there on some Dean/Cas things I have sitting around, but not really pushing myself to hard. I figured after a 25,000+ fic, I could take it easy for a while.