January 3rd, 2013


It Is The Music Of A People!

Firstly, let me share the saga of my attempts to see Les Miserables. My sister and I made plans with my sis-in-law to go on Christmas Day with her and my brother. But my brother refused because he was boycotting places that make people work on Christmas. He refused even after I said that I was excited to see it with him since we originally saw it on Broadway together and fell in love with it together and anyways, we never do anything as a family like this anymore. It seems his liberalism has gone nuclear.

So my sister and I went anyways and the theater was packed. We kept asking people to move down for us, because I can’t climb over people to get to a seat in the middle. No one would move for us. They kept saying the seats were saved or telling us to climb over, despite that I am obviously physically handicapped. We got a worker and she tried to get people to move down for us, but eventually we had to leave without seeing the movie. The employee was so apologetic, gave us our money back and two free passes for the movie. She also said if we came for the next showing, she would just let us in for free and we could save our passes. We couldn’t go back because we had to pick The Nephew up, but she was very nice about it all. Not so nice were the viewers in the theater who turned us away on Christmas Day.

So then we intended to go see it on Friday, before my sister left for her trip to NY. On Thursday, my sister started vomiting and was sick all day. Like, really sick. Like she couldn’t even hold down a sip of water. There was no way we were making it to the movie, despite that my sister spent all day on Friday saying she felt good enough to go and then shortly changing her mind. She came home from NY on Wednesday completely over the flu, but had lost her voice. We went to the movie anyways and during the previews, she started coughing and couldn’t stop. I thought she was going to have to get up and leave, after all of that trouble. Luckily she managed to calm it down about ten minutes into the movie.

So now, at last, I have seen the movie! Collapse )

I fucking love this musical like it is my whole heart and I left the theater with a grin on my face, so take that as my short review right there.