January 13th, 2013


How Were Yours?

The houseguests have departed now. It was a pretty good weekend, I must say, despite my Awesome Time of Month kicking in on Saturday. I had been feeling it coming for a few days, and then I had a killer headache on Friday, and woke up to cramps on Saturday. Ugh.

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We played some Middle-Earth Jeopardy. I did not win - not even a little surprised there - but I did not do as terrible as I expected I would against the two masters. It helped that I nailed the shit out of the category for other characters the actors of Middle-Earth have played. Today we watched some fanvids and the old LotR MTV Movie Award spots and the interview where Dom pretends to be a German journalist, which is still the funniest fucking thing ever. Dom’s a genius.

Now I am ready to sleep and then chill out tomorrow and catch up on some TV. How were your weekends?