January 20th, 2013


I Am Super-Cool Now!

I am making this post from my brand-spanking new IPad! I feel like a real member of the technology age now!

I went in looking to buy a Surface (which are uber-cool looking) but the Surface does not have a data plan option. Neither did the bigger screen Ultrabook whatever-the-hell it was that I really wanted but couldn't afford. We have wireless at home, so for now it wouldn't matter, but one of the reasons I got this was in case of extended hospital stays, since my laptop is about 12 years old and takes twenty minutes to start up these days. So the ability to data-plan (yes, I used that as a verb!) in the future when needed was very important. The keyboard on this thing is pretty sweet and easy to use, much better than my laptop's was - (I feel like I am being mean to Pippin's Bitch - that was her name, many years before we got a cat named Pippin - she was loyal and served me well but it's time for her to let go now). It did take me forfuckingever to figure out how to zoom in on this thing's screen - you have to do a pinching thing that is obnoxious - but it's all good now. I need to download some sort of typing document app so I can write on this too but omg, no more being too tired to sit up at the computer and just having to lay in bed with story ideas floating around and no energy to sit up long enough to get them out. I imagine there will be lots of typos on a document I type while laying down but still...words will get out of my head! I can also read fanfic in bed now, you guys!!

Not that I plan on just staying in my pajamas and never getting out of bed again, but I could if I wanted to!

I have been saving for this for about a year and a half and I now have roughly $80 left to my name, but I think it is SO going to be worth it.

In other news, today is my grandpa's 93rd birthday! My grandpa will always be my hero - did you know that he was an insurance salesman who one day just decided he couldn't handle the stress of the job and up and bought a farm and turned his whole family into farmers, like, out of the blue? We went for a visit and my cousin had brought him some carrot cake, which I enjoyed a piece of. So, Happy Birthday, Grandpa!