February 5th, 2013

btvs relationships

This Is A Fairly Random Post.

So, Law & Order: SVU is on tomorrow night and I am not sure I am going to watch it. It guest stars Mike Tyson, which I think is in really bad taste actually. Apparently there has been some backlash about it and instead of pulling it, they just moved the episode up a week - (it was suppose to air next week). I get that he served his time and wants to remake his image, but seriously…on SVU? Come on, there are hundreds of shows on TV and if he wants to be an actor, he could go be on any of those shows - (I actually was going to suggest they could have him on any of the other Law & Orders, only to realize SVU is the only one still on the air). It just seems like a really tacky publicity ploy on the part of the producers of SVU to cast him and it just feels wrong to me. So I thought maybe I wouldn’t watch it. Except I really want my SVU! Ugh, having a morale stand on things is hard.

I was going to talk about more TV, but I have been utterly wrecked all day. I have been flushed and had a stomach ache and just feeling kind of worn down. So I did something I haven’t done in a very long while - I spent the whole day on the couch watching a House marathon. Including an episode where House & Wilson buy a condo together and then proceed to have a game of gay chicken that results in Wilson proposing to House in a public restaurant - (to which I say, 'Good play, Wilson!')

For Buffy fans, or sci-fi/genre fans in general - sadly Robin Sachs (aka Ethan Rayne) has passed away. Giles never had such a good friend/enemy/lover that he had in Ethan and Robin’s amazing character work on all the genre TV will be sorely missed. Article here.

But here is a little something for Buffy fans that will make you smile - shirebound took this picture the other day and I think she was either photographing Joss Whedon’s license plate or else she just found the biggest Buffy fan in the world. Because this is genius.

And now I am going to crawl back into bed and finish the day long House marathon, because I am just that cool.