February 24th, 2013

craig ferguson

It's A Great Week For America!

Well, for me anyways, as I actually had a pretty good week. ceitfianna came for a visit and man, I love my new Ipad. We were able to be total geeks and just sit in the living room together on our devices and do our own thing, while occasionally informing the other of random goings-on in our various fandoms. Yes, thank you, we are nerds.

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To wrap up my post, I caught Alona Tal on Ferguson the other night and he was so smitten with her, it was adorable. But I had this weird moment of like, “Hey, I met her once! And now she’s on Craig Ferguson, who I basically want to marry, and huh...my brain can’t seem to wrap around this strange collision.” I am a big giant dork, so I got a little thrill out of it.

Sadly, my sister is having a bad day today with some insurance mix-ups, the garage door bumper falling off, her new vacuum breaking and her video game freezing up on her. I wonder if it’s like an opposite force thing working in our household? Hopefully her day will be better tomorrow!