March 9th, 2013


I Run The Spectrum Of Variety.

Two things of widely varying degrees.

1) Did you guys know that the Venom costume was actually fan-art that ended up purchased by Marvel? A fan drew it up as an alternative costume for Spiderman and Marvel contacted him and asked to buy it. They bought it for $220 in the early 80s and then decided to use it as the costume for Venom, one of the most popular Spiderman super-villains ever.

I just love the idea that a piece of fan-art turned into one of the greatest comic book characters the Marvel universe has ever known!

2) Just when I think I’m done with Disney, they pull me back in!

Because this is wonderful.

Crap! It’s bad luck to end on an even number…

3)…So, here is an awesome little thing The BFF sent me awhile ago. You draw a stickman and then watch him go on an adventure. No artistic skills required - it’s a stickman! I played this with The Nephew once and it entertained us for like a half hour. We just kept playing it over and over. I had forgotten until just now that when The BFF sent this to me, she did the option to program in the words at the end of the dragon adventure and her message to me was, “Rockin With Kane!” She knows me so well! I have programmed a little message for all of you into this link. But don’t forget, when you are done, you can go back to and play the other adventure there as well! Go On A Stickman Adventure!