March 20th, 2013


Sweatin To The Oldies.

So, I’ve started back at therapy. This last appointment I had this new PT. And I feel everything tightening up again already. For one, his actual stretching was not nearly aggressive enough and also apparently he doesn’t believe in heat after a massage, despite that’s my usual routine. I told them they could switch up my therapist whenever they need to because I know my routine and can just tell a new person what to do next. I’m not a hard case when it comes to my neck, and I am very active in my own care, so I pay attention to what all is done during my sessions. But none of that matters, if the guy won’t listen to me when I tell him what’s next!

And it’s really too bad he didn’t work out, because I liked him. He didn’t even make me wear the stupid gown. As you can probably guess, I have issues putting on what is basically a hospital gown and I always end up in a fight with a new therapist over it. Except for K, and Idk if that’s because he always lets me have my own way or because he knows my weird PTSD issues without me having to tell him, but with every therapist since K, it’s been a fight. Yes, I have my shirt off, but I’m wearing a bra and they should be a professional and I’m behind a curtain in my own space, so why do I have to wear a gown? I just never feel comfortable saying to someone new, “I have issues.” Mostly it’s okay because the atmosphere there is so easy going and un-medical, but I’d still rather not. And this guy actually offered me the chance to forgo the gown, without me even bringing it up. He said, “I’m fine with it, if you’re fine with it,” and I said, “Omg, I love you!” So it really is too bad he wasn’t up to the job of beating my neck into submission.

So, K was there when I came in and we haven’t seen each other in months. I went right back to my booth and got started on my ultrasound. I was working with a new aide, some young girl who was saying how she has only been there three months and is still getting her footing. So, you know, newbie. I was facing the wall, away from the curtain, chatting and all of a sudden, someone is slobbering all over the side of my face. It was very wet! And then K just runs off. And the poor newbie girl goes, “Omg, that wasn’t me! I didn’t do that! Oh no, he was signaling at me to stay quiet, but I didn’t know what he was going to do to you! What was that?!” Her reaction was hysterical! Then when I described it to my sister, she said, “Kind of like a dog licking up the side of your face?” and yes, yes, that is exactly what it was like.

In final exercise news, I have this new Punky Brewster ‘exercise’ icon. It’s cute, cuz Punky is cute, but I looked everywhere for a suitable exercise icon; Oliver and/or Diggle working out, Eliot Spencer in the boxing ring, CJ Cregg on the treadmill, Jayne pumping iron. But to find those, I have to wade through endless other icons, just searching for that one needle in the haystack of the person in question working out. So, anybody got an exercise icon that’s cool if I snag? Something along those lines? Punky’s good for now, but eventually I’ll want to change it up again and I just can’t seem to find anything out there to my liking.

That is all.