March 29th, 2013

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I’m An Adult, Yo.

First of all, yesterday was shirebound’s birthday! So a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, darling! After all the years of hearing my sister talk about you, it has been so nice that we have finally gotten to know each other. I hope Pip-Pup gave you lots of snuggles and cuddles. A little birthday love for you…Collapse )

And now, here is a list of all the things I have accomplished since waking up on Sunday morning.

Collapse )

Whew. Damn. Seriously, it’s like a full-time job. How do people who actually work get anything done? Thankfully there were Girl Scout Cookies to fuel me along. For tomorrow I have to make my word count post for the month - (how have I not done this yet?) - and do my unfucking of my habitat for the month. This has been going really well - so far this year I have organized my DVD collection and sorted/put away almost a year’s worth of mail. I think this month it will be sorting through my DVD wallets. Catching up on all the emails will have to wait until next week, because it is Friday and The BFF is here and it is time for food and TV and fangirling!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!