March 31st, 2013

holiday 3

Happy Easter/Spring/Candy Day, Ya'll!

We didn't do anything for Easter this year. Usually my sister bakes a couple of breakfast casseroles and we send out e-vites to both sides of our family (Mom's & Dad's) that anyone who wants can stop by from 10am to noon. People sort of trickle in and out, and even though it means I have to get up earlier than I would like, it's still a lot less hectic than our winter gatherings because it isn't 30 people all crowded in at one time. But if you may recall, it was my uncle's turn to host the Christmas thing this year and he couldn't do it, so we stepped in at the last second and threw the whole shindig. I agree with my sister in thinking that means it's cool if we skip Easter breakfast. So just some chillin' for me, I think, and maybe catching up on a few things around here. Now if only I could get rid of this stupid cough.

Now, for your pleasure, this awesome Star Trek Peep Art to make you smile.
Peeps - Star Trek Style
There are also Stripper Peeps, so be sure to check out those and the other awesome pieces of Peep Art, here.

Anyways, I hope you all have an excellent Easter and a remarkably good Sunday!