April 11th, 2013

reality tv

Spring Cleaning Inside My TV.

It’s getting that time of year...spring cleaning for the Tivo. A whole host of cable shows just ended their runs for the season; Being Human, The Walking Dead, Justified, Hoarders, What Not To Wear (which actually does split seasons). Even Lost Girl only has two episodes left! How is that possible? This season was way too short. Also, it was very lacking in Hale. We wait until Friday to watch with The BFF, so I haven’t actually gotten to see the most recent episode he was in. Apparently my anticipation to see Hale is high because I had an in-depth dream about him this week that involved a lot of awkward flirting on my part - (mostly awkward because my family was in the room while I did it and we somehow thought we could stop the apocalypse by doing arts and crafts - idek). Anyways, regular seasons shows will also be coming to an end in about a month here, so I thought it was a good time to take stock.

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So let me ask you guys that watch Downton Abbey, cuz my sister watches it and she just finished series one, but we Tivoed season three from PBS, so she would have it when she is ready. For some reason it only taped seven episodes, even though every episode guide and list that I have seen says, ‘Eight episodes and a Christmas special’. (six seasons and a movie!) I get PBS not running the Christmas special because it isn’t technically part of the season, but did they not run all of the episodes either? If you watch the show, how many episodes were there in series three?

Lastly, I keep thinking I am going to give up Arrow at the end of the season, but every time I think that, Felicity and Diggle do something awesome. Mostly I am just tired of the island flashbacks. We get it - he was stranded on an island and in order to survive he became a killing machine, thanks. Why did they feel they needed to show the island stuff to begin with? Now that they have though, they’ve weaved all this conspiracy into it, so they can’t give it up next season. Idk, I’m still wavering on this one.

For the record, I don't think I can ever bring myself to change out my What Not To Wear icon to any other reality show now. Just sayin, Stacey & Clinton are my scarecrows - I'm gonna miss them most of all!