May 28th, 2013

misha collins

Jensen n' Misha Face-Cake!

Yes, what IS a Jensen n' Misha Face-Cake, you ask? It is clearly a cake that has Jensen & Misha's faces on it! And let me tell you, Jensen was D-Licious! First I ate his pretty eyes and then I ate his pretty lips and then I ate his pretty hands and...yeah, this just got weird. But LOOK, YOU GUYS, look what my sister did for The BFF and I for our birthday!! And obvs, if I ate Jensen, that means The BFF ate Misha.

I had to cover over our real life names in this pic, which were on the cake, but you get the idea!
Jensen & Misha Face Cake - 1 Jensen & Misha Face Cake - 2
So yummy, Jensen!

So it had our names on it and this photo of the boys that my sister actually took into the cake shop and had them put on the cake - (what a sister I have!) - and the girl behind the counter looks at it and says, "So...are they twins?" How's my sister suppose to explain this madness? So my sis just goes, "Uh, yeah, sure." LOL But seriously, a) my name could possibly be for either gender, but The BFF’s name is like 110% female to the point that not even Joss Whedon has named a male character this name and b) I love my siblings but I have NEVER looked at them like that and I haven't held hands with them since we were very small children crossing the street. In what world are these two brothers? Incestuously gay twin brothers with girls names, apparently. I wonder if that’s what the cake girl thought. AWESOME FACE CAKE!

Other things that happened over my birthday weekend besides the Jensen n’ Misha Face-Cake...Collapse )

Fucking good weekend, guys! And thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes - you people rock!