June 3rd, 2013

teen wolf relationships

Ships. With Werewolves.

Since Teen Wolf starts back up tonight, I thought now would be a good time to put up this post about shippy-ness on this show. Honestly, I could pretty much pair anyone with anyone on Teen Wolf. I mean, give me a pairing and I could make a valid argument for that ship. And in general, yes, I am a multi-shipper and such, but this show, man…no wonder the fandom took off like a shot out the gate. The possibilities are endless and the chemistry abounds all over the fucking place.

So let’s go with the most obvious…for me at least. Collapse )

Also - just because I love them - let’s see some Mrs. McCall/Sheriff Stilinski on the show at some point, please? Please? Just not before I finish my fic.

Speaking of fic and totally off-topic from ‘ships...I am writing this Teen Wolf fic. Mrs. McCall is a major presence throughout it. I’ve written 5,000 words of this story, during which I was calling her ‘Karen’. That is not her name. Her name is Melissa. Uh. Then, I’m watching The Walking Dead. This woman has this major scene and I think, “Is that Teen Wolf mom? No. Although...they both do film in Georgia.” So I look it up. It was her! She was in like four episodes - (one of the Governor’s people) - and her character’s name? Karen. I must have subconsciously realized it was her but then it came out as her Teen Wolf character being named Karen in my fic...idk, it amused me.

And now, t-minus a few hours to the third season premiere!