June 4th, 2013


And Then I'll Collapse.

I love my IPad. No longer do I have to decide: lay on the couch or get on the computer, get into bed for the night or get on the computer, sit on the porch or get on the computer. I can do all of those things, just bring my IPad with me, and it makes keeping up on LJ and my writing so much easier. Which means I get a shit-ton done everyday.

Yesterday, I watched the ballgame, talked on the phone with The Nephew (during innings 4-6), read 50 pages in my book, played some Wii, made a post, messed around with my icons, caught up on my Flist, wrote 1400 words, replied to a few emails, watched an episode of Southland, Teen Wolf & Switched At Birth. In one day! It probably helps that the sun is shining and the weather is perfect, which causes my energy levels to soar.

Then today I started watching the Batman dvds The Nephew loaned me and then my sister was home for the afternoon (since she had to take my mom to the dentist in the morning) and we ran errands, some of which I have been trying to get done for the last two months, like buying shoes. My dad gave me some money and sometimes I feel bad because he can get confused and then he writes me a check ‘to help out‘ and Idek. I mean, my dad can afford it, but still. So I used the money to help with things that my sister couldn't afford because she had to pay for my mom's dog to get his teeth cleaned and for my mom's new dentures. So I picked us up a new wading pool (way bigger than our others were), two new lawn chairs, a present for The Canadian Nephew's birthday (a Sit ‘n Spin - who remembers those?) and a new pair of shoes (they are purple and awesome!). I also spent today writing a letter to The Nephew (which I am going to try to do more over the summer) and found a day camp for him to go to while he is visiting us over his vacation - (hopefully I can still get him in). And I watched The Daily Show and an episode of that new show ‘The Fosters’, and made this post, and now I am off to edit my latest fic, put away my laundry, open the packages that came for my sister's birthday (ssshhh!) and watch the last half of the ballgame.

Holy shit, now I feel tired just typing that list out.

In other news, I finally changed my default icon from the one The BFF set up when she made this journal for me. My default icon is now one of my favorite shots of Alison Lohman, in which she looks enough like me to be a little freaky. She is even wearing one of my shirts! I'd been meaning to change this out for months now and I've finally gotten around to it.

I had some TV thoughts and stories about The Nephew & CO, but this all seems like enough for the moment. I'm just going to have to start posting more often, maybe, to keep up with All The Things.