July 8th, 2013


Since Canada Came Along!

So the visit with The Canadians went very well! They are better and better houseguests each time they stay. I have very few gripes and the main one was that I didn’t get to see enough of them! Also, they didn’t say what their plans were going to be, when just knowing when it was they intended to be at the house was all I needed, as it helps enormously with anxiety to know my schedule ahead of time. And they wanted to go out to eat with us, but they didn’t ask until Tuesday when I had therapy and then Wednesday we had to take The Nephew to his ballgame, so I felt bad about that.

But I did get to spend a nice evening on Monday playing the Wii with my brother and his wife. We turned it on for the kids but they lost interest quickly, so we ended up playing for like an hour and that was actually really fun. But hoyboy are those two competitive with each other! Also, my s-i-l said to me when they were leaving, “But we did not get to watch any of your teen shows this time!” - (in the past it has been The OC and One Tree Hill) - and I said, “Oh, I have an episode of Teen Wolf we could have watched,” and my brother said, “Uh, we have Teen Wolf in Canada,” all disgusted like and his wife yelled at him, “But it is not the same! I like when she tells me who everyone is and sleeping with and stuff! It is funnier that way!” That made me smile.

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So, that was our week, more or less, and I am glad to have my house and my schedule back, but I miss the kids already!