July 29th, 2013


The Next Fandom BNF Is Seven.

So, The Nephew and I wrote a fic this weekend. By which I mean, he told me what to type and I typed it. This is the second time we have done this together - the first time being last year when he was here for Christmas break. The first story - The Experiment - was about 300 words. This story - The Big Battle, a sequel to The Experiment - was about 1,400 words!

He still seems to have trouble with segue-ways, because Wolverine randomly gets up from a conversation with Xavier and goes running out of the house and up a mountain to fight someone…but The Nephew has discovered ‘setup’. He knows you can’t just start your story wham-bang in the plot. In this one, he has an argument start between Pyro and Wolverine that Xavier has to sort out and in the middle of sorting it out, they have to fight Doctor Octopus and at the end, Pyro and Wolverine make-up. He is also including humor pieces - (people talking with their mouths full) - and this time around, I decided he was old enough to start thinking about descriptors, so I was prompting him with, “What does it sound like when everyone can hear them fighting? What does the room Doc Ock has them held captive in look like?,” etc and he picked it up startling fast. By the end, he was offering his own details without prompting! Why yes, I am a stupidly proud aunt.

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But today I arted! I had been having the urge for a few weeks and then I reorganized my art supplies and they were calling to me. I just did some rough drafts today, but I like how they turned out and I hope to finalize everything this weekend. It just felt so good to break out my pencils again and I got to try my oil pastels, which I hadn’t used yet. I haven’t arted since I did my last big project like two years ago and I just realized how much I missed it and how de-stressing it can be. I’ll scan everything in when it is finished and share with you guys.