August 3rd, 2013


And All Mashed Up Against A Crooner!

I slept like crap last night. Whatever this is my body has going on cannot be over and done with soon enough. For serious. Also, I would really like to get last week's lab results soon, because whenever I randomly feel this bad for no reason, it makes me start compulsively checking the color of my eyes to see if they have gone yellow. (that indicates liver issues, which I've had for a couple years now).

In other news, we watched Pitch Perfect tonight. We saw it at the theater when it first came out and it was such a fun little flick and my sister splurged and bought us a 'party pack for girl's night' of Bring It On, Clueless & Pitch Perfect. The thing about Pitch Perfect - besides that Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) is awesome, Skylar Astin (Jesse) & Ben Platt (Benji) are the most adorable dork boys ever and that holy shit, Brittany Snow (Chloe) should always be a red-head and should get in my bed - is that you can't stop yourself from clapping after every song. I didn't even realize I was doing it, but you just have to clap. Which made it that much more fun when we saw it in the theater, because everyone was clapping and cheering. Huh, I also just realized that earlier in the day The BFF & I had been watching 'Hairspray', which also has Brittany Snow in it. I love at the end of Hairspray, when Tracy goes over to give Corny a hug, and you can see that Corny just genuinely likes this girl. I was like, "Wow, when Link and Tracy get married, Corny is so going to be the one to marry them and it is going to be a fabulous wedding!" And after it was over, The BFF goes, "The best ship you can take out of this movie at the end is Corny/Maybelle," and I was like, "Yes, yes! And you know what? You get the slightly creepy vibe that Corny was having sex with some of those high school girls, in which case, holy shit, Maybelle is going to knock his socks off and he will never be the same!"

And now, have some recs of fic I have read while being sick. This rec list does not have a theme. It seems very random, but that's just how I roll! Collapse )

I'm off to bed.