August 29th, 2013


This Is How I Roll.

So I have been re-watching Undeclared, which I watched when it originally aired, and it was extra fun this time because now I know so many of the guest stars; Mary Kay Place, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler (playing himself and surrounded by his actual entourage), Ben Stiller, Busy Philipps, Jason Segel, David Krumholtz, Kyle Glass (which is extra funny because one of the boys has a Tenacious D poster on his wall), Samm Levine, Martin Starr, Felicia Day & Jenna Fischer. Plus, the leads, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen and Charlie Hunnam.

Then my mind suddenly demanded a Teen Wolf College AU where Derek Hale is the grumpy dorm floor R.A. and Scott, Stiles, Jackson, Danny, Ethan, Aidan, Boyd, Isaac, Lydia, Allison, Erica & Cora all live on the floor - (and Greenberg lives in the janitor closet like Perry did on Undeclared). And Scott's mom and Stiles' dad meet at Parents' Weekend and have a flirtation. And I want a whole episode where Lydia realizes that Danny likes Ethan and tries to help him catch Ethan's attention with a cute friendship bonding moment between them. And I want Stiles and Cora to have a sweet friendship but whenever they are in Stiles' room with the door shut, Derek busts the door open and yells "No closed doors in this dorm!" like a protective big brother and then storms out, and also, in general, I need lots of Derek dragging Stiles around by the scruff of his shirt. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, YOU GUYS.

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Also, the other day my sister and I caught a bit of Unstoppable - (aka Chris Pine On A Runaway Train) - and we had this conversation regarding Unstoppable vs Speed:
Sis: I like the premise of this being more man-made disaster rather than a terrorist plot.
Me: Though to be fair, if you have to get a crazy terrorist for your movie, you can't do much better than Dennis Hopper.
Sis: Unless you get Gary Oldman.
Me: John Malkovich.
Sis: Snape. I mean, Alan Rickman.
Me: Yeah, any of those guys.
What do you all think - who else plays a good 'crazy plot to blow things up' kind of guy?

In final news, yesterday my sister had such a bad day. Like, the garage door opener broke, the shower knob came completely off, her work laptop and phone broke, we found out the second garage needs new siding and there wasn't enough charcoal to grill the chicken. She finally gave up and just went to pick up our dinner and just wanted this day to be over and that's when C called to say that the kittens they had found in their yard the day before weren't doing well - (2 of them had passed away) - and she needed help. I told her to send us a picture so we could guess how old they were and then could advise her on what to pick up at the pet store. When I called my sister to tell her all this, she said, "I'm right down the street from the pet store. Tell her I'll just come down there and help her pick out what she needs." Here my sister was having the worst day and she drops everything to help a friend of mine take care of some stray kittens. My sister is awesome, is all I'm saying.

That is all.