September 4th, 2013


Goin' To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

So, I had a pretty awesome weekend! My glasses came in, for one, so I am no longer straining my eyes. Then I had therapy, whatever, but after I got home, The BFF and I watched The Avengers (Science!Bros FTW!), which was happy-making. But then, best of all, was that on Saturday hiyacynth + Husband & Munchy P (who is 2 ½ now and talking up a storm about everything!) came for a visit. We hung out, grilled out (The BFF is still the Master Of The Grill), Munchy played in the wading pool, then we watched some Community. And on Sunday we all went to the zoo! I haven’t been to the zoo in 6 or 7 years, so this was nice.

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My sister had Monday and Tuesday off as well, but those were less exciting days and I accidentally watched World War Z and it would be another 500 words if I went into how much that sucked, so No, Nope, Nonono, that’s a whole different post. Suffice to say, if you loved the book, DON’T SEE THE MOVIE. It’s okay, I have now made my life better and cleansed that shit from my brain by watching copious amounts of A-Team fanvids. (I could explain why but let’s just go with “Because I <3 Face & Murdock, shut up!”).

How were your weekends?