September 5th, 2013


My Tivo Is About To Go Back To Full-Time Hours.

This post is more a place-holder for me than anything else. Because the new TV season is upon us! And I want to try out some new shows, but I have to wait until they are closer to their premiere dates before the Tivo will recognize new shows - (my regular shows are already programmed in, but I put them on the list anyways, so I have an idea of what is coming when, even though Tivo will grab them for me without me even having to lift a finger!) But I did find trailers for all the new shows I am trying out and put the links in here as well, so if you want to see what looks good coming up this fall, check out the links!

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And my weekly schedule list, which gave me an idea of which shows will have conflicts. The Tivo can record two shows at once, but it looks like The Mindy Project and the new sitcom I wanted to try out will have issues with other shows. I could say, "I'll just remember to watch them in my room," but I tried that with Subugatory and I never remembered and it completely fell off my radar.

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What about you guys - what new shows are you excited about?