September 23rd, 2013


The Way It Goes, Up & Down. Left & Right.

So last week, I was severely sleep-deprived from The Week Of The Roofing that came before. Then on Sunday, my wrist/arm was hurting so freaking bad. I could barely grip anything. IDEK, but I wrapped it in an icy-hot patch and then an ace-wrap too, which helped but it was an entire day without the use of my hand. (I had to spoon feed myself my pills that night). On Monday, I woke up to...people on the roof! WHAT THE FUCK EVEN? I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I started crying. I was just so tired, you guys. I’d pushed through by saying that I just had to get through that one week and I did and then they came back on Monday! I had no spoons left to deal with that nonsense. Thankfully that was the actual last day but I was horribly sick all Monday, just from the stress and claustrophobia and lack of sleep. I felt better on Tuesday, but then stupidly tried to do shit and went to therapy and woke on Wednesday nauseous all over again. And then on Thursday, I started my Awesome Time Of Month. Fuck that noise. Plus, we found out the hospital is sending Dad home - not because he is better, but because they have reached their limits on what they can do for him. His infection is better but he is still barely mobile and has extreme arm/back pain which they 'fixed’ with a steroid shot - which is not a long-term fix. UGH - I just feel better about things when he isn’t at his house in the middle of fucking nowhere, with no one to make sure he takes his meds and drink 20 liters of Pepsi a week (yeah, he does that) and take notice when he isn't sleeping.

On the plus side, I booked a hotel for my trip to Chicago in October! It's not far from Lake Michigan and isn't overtly expensive (for Chicago) and I am excited to finally get to meet rhymephile and dugindeep in person! Also, omg you guys, The Tigers are SO FUCKING CLOSE to taking the Central League Division! If Cleveland would just back the fuck up off our asses for two goddamn seconds. And, I got to see my Texas Cousin and her baby - they just recently moved in from out of state and I haven't seen her in like four years, so that was AWESOME. Her boy is 15 months old and the biggest flirt ever! And it's almost Halloween! Saturday is the trip to the Halloween store for our big purchase of the year and then the madness begins!

Also, on the plus side, The Nephew has started writing me a 'book series' about himself and his superhero team - (a giant robot and a man made of lightening) - and the adventures they go on. His super power is that he can turn into anyone, so in one story he turns into Bilbo and uses Sting and in another story he turns into both Thorin and The Hulk. Also, we recently had a talk about the legend of King Arthur and the Sword In The Stone and I explained how people have been rewriting that story in books and movies for years and years. Next thing I know, he has written a story where all of these big bad tough guys keep trying to pull the Mango (why it's a mango, Idek) from the ground after it crash lands there and no one can do it and the one guy is sure he can because he's the biggest guy in town and then a girl rides up and she is the only one that can do it! HE WROTE A STORY WHERE THE GIRL BEATS OUT ALL THE BIG TOUGH MEN. Then she disappears because Surprise Twist, she was an alien. I feel like there was more, but that's enough for now, I suppose. Night all!