October 17th, 2013


The Windy City.

My trip to Chicago was awesome! I came home sore as fuck (the hotel beds were not the best and the car ride is never fun) and exhausted (clearly, as I’m just getting around to typing this up) but it was SO worth it. The traffic going in was pretty bad but we managed to get a view of the water pretty much from the minute we hit Chicago. The hotel was about a block from the lakefront, in a cute little area. Every time I go to Chicago, I love it more and more. I love that it has such a neighborhood-feel to it while still being the big city. Once we got there, hiyacynth and Munchy P (who's 2 1/2 now) came to the hotel. The BFF had brought him a Superman shirt with a cape on it and he put it on and proceeded to jump on the hotel beds until finally he turned to my sister and said, "Do I want to fly?" and she picked him up and 'flew' him around the room. He was laughing so hard he kept forgetting to put his arms out.

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You know, I love getting to meet my LJ fangirls in Real Life. They are both so fucking awesome and now that I can say we've met before, they have open invitations to come stay at Fangirl Central. The kids in the family don't call this The Fun House for nothing. Then my sister made us get up at the asscrack of dawn (well, at least in my world it was the asscrack of dawn) to get ahead of the marathon traffic. But we were home and all taking naps by 1pm, so that was good. It was a most excellent trip!