November 13th, 2013

hello goodbye

Hello. Hi. How Are You?

Every day I swear I’m going to be productive and then I am not productive. I didn’t even write last week. But I caught up on comments this week and today I arted for an hour, so maybe tomorrow I’ll actually tackle the 20 tabs I have open. On the upside, I am feeing better than I was. Still tired and low on energy, but less hot flashes/vertigo/shakes, though my stomach is still weirdly out of sorts. My brother convinced me to try yogurt, says it has helped both him and The Nephew with their stomach issues. I fucking hate yogurt though. I choked down about half of one and it was gross. I don’t like the texture - it’s weird!

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In happier news, I forgot to share with you all about The Nephew’s Halloween costume. He was Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker, in the all black, and he even called here to ask us which hand to put the glove on because he wanted to be 100% accurate. And he insisted that his baby sister be Leia. I said, “She’d make a good Yoda, cuz she is so tiny,” and he said, “Yeah, but Yoda and Luke aren’t siblings. Like we are. And like Luke and Leia are.” Valid argument. His Halloween kind of sucked though because they don’t really live in a neighborhood-area and it was raining and his friend got hurt - (she fell down and her vampire fangs went up through her lip). Next year Halloween is on a Friday and we are hoping to do steam-punk vampires, so we told his dad they should just come in and trick-or-treat in our neighborhood and then leave The Nephew here to help us pass out candy and spend the night!

Anyways, this is me checking in. How are all of you?