November 15th, 2013

girl power

In Which I Showcase How Tumblr Has Infected Me.

Slightly Belated Happy Birthday to fragrantwoods!! I hope it was a good one, darling! Here is a link I keep meaning to give you for a low-carb recipe website that my sister has been using for us lately and it has some excellent stuff on there I thought you and Mr. Woods might enjoy. The Eggplant & Chicken Parmesan is amazing!

So, I actually had been contemplating making something for fragrantwoods’s birthday, but while pondering whether it should be a Mary McDonnell or Laura Roslin piece, I got distracted thinking about Laura Roslin in general - (as one does). Now, maybe it’s because I’ve been spending so much time on Tumblr where the standard battle-cry is “Strong Female Characters With Flaws!”, but I started to think about how rare a character like Laura Roslin really is. Not just as a female character, but as a woman character of age.

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In semi-related news, I recently watched ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ for the first time. I’d seen most of ‘Aliens’ in bits and pieces but never in full - (I know, how is that possible?) - and I am in love with Ripley. Who’s surprised? I spent a great deal of the first movie worried about the damn cat, even though I knew how the goddamn thing ended! I think I liked ’Aliens’ better, in general, and I know how the third movie starts and it basically negates everything in ‘Aliens’, so I’m not going to watch it. My head-canon end is the end of Aliens, with all possible futures laid out before her, hopefully one that hooks her up with Hicks and gives Newt a nice normal life. Sadly, I think Jonesy will be dead by the time Ripley gets back to the station, but they’ll get another cat. Newt can name it Casey.