December 4th, 2013



1) The Tigers traded Prince Fielder. (I know, you thought I was done talking about baseball for the year). I’m fucking pissed. He is the best first baseman in the goddamn league and yeah, his hitting dropped off a little last season but that’s like saying ‘oh a shark lost a tooth’ but he’s still a goddamn shark! We got Ian Kinsler from Texas in the trade and while I admit Kinsler is a great player, are we that desperate for a permanent 2nd baseman that we’d trade Prince for one? Fuck no. You’re breaking up the band, man! The Fielder/Cabrera duo is a major draw. He’s like one of the top two jerseys we sell, people come to see him play. And damn, man, our corner flow between 3rd and 1st is a thing of beauty. We haven’t seen that kind of chemistry since the days of Trammell and Whitaker in the 80s (and that’s a hella compliment coming from me, cuz those were my boys). So WTF Detroit?!

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3) My whole family is coming over to my house for a holiday gathering on Saturday and while I love my family, that’s a damn lot of people (anywhere from 25 - 40) up in my house and while I also usually enjoy it once the game playing gets underway, I dislike the awkward polite conversation portion of the night because they want to know what I’ve been up to and how do I explain writing Jensen/JDM porn and discovering Tumblr? This is my life, but none of them consider it much of a life, because they all talk about their jobs/marriages/kids. I’ll stick to my JDM porn, thanks. Also, it is just a lot for me, energy-wise. The parties never last less than 6 hours and often go for 10. I’m tired just thinking about it. I console myself with the fact that my sister is making spritz cookies for the party. Mmmmm, spritz cookies.

That is all.