January 21st, 2014


Ficage In 2013!

I kept meaning to get this all written up, just some numbers on my word counts for 2013. I actually kept track throughout the year because the previous year, when I added it all up, I realized I was just 750 words short from hitting 100k and there was no way I was going to let that happen again. Especially this time when I added it up at the 6-month mark and realized I had 50k exactly, I had to go for the big goal and get it done.

Fandoms Written In For 2013 - 15; Avengers, Buffy&Angel, Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, CW RPS, The Hunger Games, Kitties!, Leverage, Lost Girl, Middle-Earth, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Without A Trace & The X-Files.

New Fandoms Written In For 2013 - 6; Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, Kitties!, The Hobbit, Lost Girl, and Once Upon A Time.

The Fandoms I Wrote The Most In For 2013 -
Buffy&Angel: 9,250 words.
CW RPS: 13,200 words.
Teen Wolf: 40,600 words.

Lowest Monthly Word Count - 4,000 words in November.
Highest Monthly Word Count - 14,000 words in July.

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Total Yearly Word Count - 101,200 words written in 2013!!

My goals for 2014 are to finish all of the WIPS in my writing folder. I’m on a mission! I have already finished one this year. Most importantly is to get that freaking Derek/Stiles fic finished! I’m thinking Teen Wolf will probably be the front-runner of word counts again, just in finishing that one fic. But I wonder what new fandoms will strike my fancy during 2014. Anyways, that’s 2013...onto the next!